About us

The DIMAR Private Partnership (GD) was established in 1998 as the successor of ET Dimar – DN, established in 1990. Initially the company manufactured men’s and women’s boutique and designer clothes, hand-painted scarves, wraps, neckties and women’s tops, under the trademark Maria Spasova. In 1994 the company entered the luxury men’s shirts market, introducing the JOTTO brand, which has since ben successfully established on the market.

DIMAR GD has a manufacturing facility and a design department in Sofia, manufacturing both products for the domestic market, with Company’s own brand JOTTO and export products for France, England, Spain, Cyprus. A major part of the products /mainly men’s shirts / is manufactured and supplied to corporate clients, i.e. – uniform, promotional clothing and workwear. Our clients in Bulgaria include: Germanos Telecom, Globul, Euromarket, Praktiker, Renault-Nissan Bulgaria, Aiko, Spetema Coffee, Balkan Star, Baumax, Happy, Mr. Bricolage, Audi, Siven, Toli M etc.

In 2003 DIMAR GD opened an official store of the JOTTO brand in Sofia, at 17, Graf Ignatev str., where it markets some of its products. The JOTTO men’s shirts can also be found in the luxury men’s clothing chain Toli M. “Dimar” ГД is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry / BCCI/ and the Industry Organization of Textile and Clothing in the Southwest Bulgaria /IOTCSB/. The JOTTO brand of men’s shirts has been awarded the Silver Lion award for textile at the Manufactured in Bulgaria exhibition in 1999.