Men’s Shirts


Men’s shirts form the main and most complete product range of DIMAR GD. The JOTTO-branded  shirts are entirely handmade, and we rely mainly on classic elegant models, made of natural materials /fabrics and accessories /. Recently, we have started manufacturing an expanding range of more casual models of garments, corresponding to the latest seasonal fashion trends and the current market situation. The company relies mainly on the exceptional diversity of models and patterns, both in the classic men’s clothing colors, and in the current, fashionable colors.


The main lines when developing the models, can be generally defined as three main styles:

    • Formal, Classic – shirts for businessmen, combined with a necktie and a suite, shirts for tail-coats etc.
    • Casually Elegant Shirts – suggesting a more casual attitude towards the outfits and relying on the slightly careless and not so formal vision.
    • Casual – shirts for the spare time, made with various decorative tacking and seams, chain-tacks, embroideries, screen printing, printing of special /unique/ applications, decorations of various designs, fabrics and materials, tic-tac buttons etc.

The fabrics and additional materials, used in the manufacturing of the shirts are always of high quality /cotton, polyester, linen, rayon, cotton-elastane/, supplied by established and renowned manufacturers and suppliers from Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Turkey.